Baby Formula

We are not only certified as baby formula wholesale suppliers and distributors, but rather a comprehensive wholesale supplier of  best, most superior baby formula brand types in a variety of forms at Lowest prices,  supplying globally and to major markets in  Europe, Asia, China, Hong, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Africa.  With us, it’s easy to find the perfect infant formula for your business to keep your clients happy.

We stock a great collection of nutritionally complete milk-based Infant formulas for every stage of life, starting at Infant nutrition till toddler growth milk from top European brands with various flavors, formulations, quantities with vitamins and minerals that support the healthy development of a baby’s immune system, brain and eyes and help build strong bones.

Aptamil baby formula

We have acclaimed the reputation of being a convenient wholesale suppler of Aptamil baby formula that guarantees the products you are buying come direct from manufacturer with all certifications.

Cow & Gate milk powder

Cow and Gate first infant milk from newborn stage 1= 900g Cow and Gate hungrier babies from newborn stage 2= 900g Cow & Gate follow-on milk stage 3= 900g Cow & Gate growing up milk for toddlers 1yr+= 900g


Enfamil Newborn, Enfamil Infant, Enfamil Enfacare Lipil Milk, Enfamil ProSobee LIPIL , Enfamil Reguline Infant Formula, Enfamil Prosobee Soy Infant Formula, Enfamil Newborn Non-GMO Infant Formula Powder,

Friso milk powder

Friso 1 (800 gram) Friso 2 (800 gram) Friso 3 (700 gram) Friso 4 (700 gram) Friso 5 (700 gram) Minimum order: 2000 units by air. Supply ability: 30000 units (mixture). Delivery time: 3-5 days after payment

Hipp baby milk powder

Hipp organic first infant milk powder stage 1= 800g Hipp organic hungry infant milk powder stage 2= 800g Hipp organic follow on milk powder stage 3= 800g Hipp organic growing up milk powder stage 4= 600g

Holle milk powder

Holle bio-kindermilch 1= 600g Holle bio-kindermilch 2= 600g Holle bio-kindermilch 3= 600g Holle bio-kindermilch 4= 600g Minimum order: 2000 units by air. Supply ability: 30000 units (mixture).

SMA Comfort Infant Milk

PRODUCT NAME VOLUME grams 24 tins x 400gms (Load ability in 20′ FCL – 910 cartons / 40’FCL – 1800 cartons) 12 tins x 900gms (Load ability in 20′ FCL – 900 cartons/ 40’FCL – 1750 cartons)


Similac Advance 1 is a spray dried stage 1 infant milk substitute for new born baby upto 6 months. Similac Advance is designed to support normal growth and development. It contains Essential fatty acids,

Nestle Nido milk powder

Reliable Nestle Nido milk powder wholesalers, exporters and suppliers you can find , offering discount sale on bulk buy Nestle Nido milk powder with export to Asia, USA, Africa...

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