Treviso BV® is a trusted confectionery wholesale supplier and exporter of most popular brand in the confectionery category. Our bulk buy confectionery products line include CEREAL & CEREAL BARS, CHOCOLATE, CRISPS, NUTS, SNACKS and SWEETS at wholesale and discount prices. We work with major international confectionery brand manufacturers like Ferrero, Nestle, Mondelez, Storck, Mars, Haribo, Bahlsen, Alpinella, Terravita, Wrigley, Lindt.Ferrero, Nestle, Mondelez, Storck, Mars, Haribo, Bahlsen, Alpinella, Terravita, Wrigley, Lindt, Snickers, M&Ms, Raffaello Pralines, Hersheys.

Lindor 200g Assorted

Lindor 200g Milk

indt Excellence

Nutella 750g

Rocher Diamante 300g

Happy Hippo T5

Nutella & Go 52g

Nutella B-ready T8

Nutella B-ready T1

Tic Tac gums 12.5g Cool Cassis

Tic Tac gums 12.5g Spearmint

Tic Tac gums 12.5g Freshmint

Halls Chewing Gums Citrus

Halls Chewing Gums Spearmint

Halls Chewing Gums Watermelon

Halls Chewing Gums Peppermint

Halls Chewing Gums Citrus

Cherry chocolate 70% 100g

Mint chocolate 70% 100g

Dark chocolate 70% 90g

Lemon chocolate 70% 100g

Ferrero Collection T24

Kinder Surprise T36, T72

Kinder Bueno dark

Kinder Bueno regular

MILKA Caramel chocolate 100g

MILKA white chocolate 100g

MILKA strawberry-yoghurt chocolate 100g

Cherry MILKA chocolate with double filling 100g

Leibniz Minis 130g

Leibniz Minis Choco 120g

Happy Cola 45/100 / 200g

Leibniz ZOO 100g

Milka Alpine cream milk 350g

Milka Alpine chocolate milk 350g

Milka Alpine vanilla milk 350g

Milka Alpine milk caramel 350g

BelVita nuts + chocolate 300g

BelVita muesli with fruit 300g

BelVita Delicious cocoa

BelVita muesli with fruit 50g, blank

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